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Since 1983, LF Systems Corp. has been designing, supplying, and installing laboratory furnishings for numerous clients in the Northeast, principally serving the Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey area.
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LF Systems provides high quality laboratory furnishings including Casework, Tables, Fume Hoods, Counter Tops, Plumbing & Elect Service Fixtures, Ventilated Enclosures, Shelving Systems, Lab Accessories, Sinks, Pegboards, and More.
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LF Systems specializes in pharmaceutical, medical, research, industrial, and educational laboratory facility design and installations. We can provide total project support for your specific project needs.
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Featured Offering – Fume Hood Repair

LF Systems Corp is a leader in the specification, installation, and maintenance of fume hoods. With thousands of hoods installed and maintained over the past three decades, LF Systems offers a comprehensive array of programs, customizable to maintain your hood investment long after the initial installation has occurred. We have observed that hoods have a life expectancy of 15-20 years, based on initial hood quality and the testing environment. Additionally, we find that clients will pursue fume hood repair services only after fume hoods have failed in some manner.

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Fume Hood Repair & Maintenance By LF Systems

In Stock Products

Recent supply chain disruptions, escalating material costs, and unexpected labor shortages have challenged us to offer our customers cost competitive goods, delivered according to realistic time schedules.

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Why Choose LF Systems?

We provide the best quality products, top-notch designs & professional services.

We can provide total project support for your specific project needs – from initial space planning to construction and final walk-through, LF Systems’ team of seasoned industry professionals will help guide your lab project to a smooth completion.

It is the ultimate and ongoing goal of LF Systems Corp to tailor our business towards providing the absolute best in customer satisfaction.

After more than 36 years of industry experience, and with more than 100 million dollars worth of lab furniture products designed and installed, LF Systems will get the job right the first time.